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Table of Contents

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                                                                                                   Phone # 848-1200 Extension 3063          




** Announcements** 

All Assignments and lessons will be posted

 on Google Classroom during our distance learning period.

I will communicate/chat with students through our Go Guardian software during their regularly scheduled class period and answer e-mail throughout the day for any questions.




Google Classroom Codes

Period 1  as4b5t

Period 2  wklm4p8

Period 4  hm25wx2

Period 6  8fhio1

Period 8  fs9mty5 

Team 7A w6p39q

  Online Textbook 



Body Systems

From Cells to Organisms/Micro-Life 


 Matter and Its Properties/

Chemistry of Materials


Unit F- Deep Time


Deep Time



Character Ed


Movie Maker Directions 

Big Idea Activity Sheet


Video login


password:  science1


Deep Sea Vents


Life Before Oxygen, Caves and Deep Sea Vents Questions

Geologic Time Scale 

Geo Time Scale Instructions 

Plate Tectonic Games

Geology Website


Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Questions

Uniformitarianism Project






Scientific Method Review

  Easy Bib Bibliography Web Site   


Textbook link


 Course Syllabus

Laptop and Internet Use  










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