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Weber Science 7A (redirected from Table-of-Contents)

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                                                                                                                                                Phone # 848-1200 Extension 3063         


Course Description: The seventh grade Science course presents a scientific study of the structure and function of living organisms.  Attention is given to important principles and concepts that help students understand that there are general characteristics of life evident in every organism.  Lab work and “hands-on” activities are a basic part of this course, including the use of microscopes and other scientific equipment.  This issue oriented approach helps students understand the everyday relevance of science.  Emphasis is given to practical implications and everyday applications that are meaningful to middle school students.  


Science Classes Taught and Google Classroom Codes

Period 1  nqccafm 


Period 2  mftpus3

Period 4  sbldgza

Period 6  aizlrck

Period 8  rbew46e 


  Online Textbook Link  



Our Units:

Body Systems

From Cells to Organisms/Micro-Life 


Chemistry of Materials

Geological Forces   



  Easy Bib Bibliography Web Site   


Textbook link


 Course Syllabus

Laptop and Internet Use  










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