Laptop and Internet use

VII. The use of the Internet and Email within the schools in West Deptford School
District is a privilege, not a right. Therefore, students must agree to the following:
1. I will use the Internet to research classroom assignments.
2. I will use the Internet to send and receive electronic mail that will be
monitored by the West Deptford staff.
3. I will report to a teacher, not other students. If a student unknowingly finds
himself/herself in a site with inappropriate content he/she should then
leave the site immediately. Students will not return to that site.
4. I will not use the Internet for any illegal purpose or participate in any
activity that hurts others or does not show good citizenship.
5. I will not give my name, address, telephone number, school, or any
teachers’/parents’ names, addresses, or telephone numbers, to anyone I
meet on the Internet.
6. I will not give out my email password to anyone (even my best friends)
other than my teachers/parents.
7. I will not send a picture of myself or others over the Internet without my
teachers’/parents’ permission.
8. I will not fill out any form or request online that asks me for any information
about my school, my family, or myself without first asking for permission
from my teachers/parents.
9. I will tell my teachers/parents if I see any bad language or pictures on the
Internet, or if anyone makes me feel nervous or uncomfortable online.
10. I will not use any articles, stories, or other works I find online and pretend it
is my own.
11. I will not use bad language online.
12. I will practice safe computing, and check for viruses whenever I use a disk,
download something from the Internet, or receive an attachment.
13. I will be polite in messages to others.