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Unit A- Studying People

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Activity 7 Analysis Questions

Activity 8 Reading & Analysis Questions

Activity 4 Notes 

Activity 6 Notes

Unit A Jeopardy


Clinical Trials Article                  



Scientific Method Practice Quiz 

Scientific Method Game


  Scientific Method

  • State the problem
  • Create hypothesis
  • Gather materials
  • Conduct the experiment
  • Analyze data
  • Draw conclusions


                           Designing a GOOD Experiment


  • All variables, except the one being tested are the same.
  • Procedures are described clearly and completely.
  • A control (or placebo) is used for comparison.
  • A large sample size provides more data. This helps ensure that the data are reliable.
  •  Multiple trials provide more data. This helps ensure that the data are accurate.
  • Well-designed experiments can be reproduced by other investigators to give similar results.

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