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Unit C - Micro-Life

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Microscope labeling interactive

Activitity 8- Sepup Cell Simulation

Act. 45

Edible Cell Key

Activity 4 Cell/Germ Theory Timeline

Big Idea paper


Ebola Article #1

Ebola Article Comparison Directions


Unit C Jeopardy


     Unit C Review Answers 

            Unit C Study Guide Answers 

Bibliography Example         


Microscope Diagram.pdf


Plant and Animal Cell Diagram


Vocabulary #5 /Study Guide 


PBS-Be a disease detective

BRrain pop log-in:  Username:  WDMS  Password: wdms675

Brain Pop microscopes:  http://www.brainpop.com/technology/scienceandindustry/microscopes


Microscope Power Point                                                            Vocabulary # 6


                                                                                                                            Microbe Zoo Web site 


Microscope web quest                                                            Microbe Zoo Web Quest 



Activity 38                                                                                Activity 46


Animal Cell Labeling Interactive

Plant Cell Labeling Interactive

  Cell Battleship      

Cell Games                                                                                                       Cell Super Hero/Rap Project                         

Cell Theory Rap


Click here for Cells alive

Cells Alive Worksheet                                                            Bloodtyping Game


Activity 50 chart





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