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Unit B Heart Project

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Heart/Circulatory System Unit Project-Directions and rubrics Assigned in Google Classroom

Due: November 12th, 2019(You may turn it in early)

Choose ONE of the following projects.  You will need to use not only your science books and answers to the analysis questions from labs, but also will need  a minimum of 3 other sources. (You must include those sources on a separate sheet.)  Make sure you include amazing facts!  You will have to turn in your notes/research along with your project.


     1. Heart/Circulatory Board Game


     2. Heart Disease Powerpoint/Smart Notebook Presentation 


    3. Create a Children's Book.  You will make a book about heart disease for the elementary level. You can also use  digital storytelling application

                https://www.storyjumper.com/ . Follow the rubric to create an informative, illustrated picture book.


4. Heart Healthy Web Design




Remember: Use amazing facts!

Links that may be useful:












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