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Activity 14 Analysis Questions

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Unit B:Unit B 1/3/11 12:36 PM Page 22 Activity 14 • Breakdown

ANALYSIS 1. a. In your experiment, what variables did you keep the same? b. Were there any variables (except for the one being tested) that you could not keep the same? c. How could you or did you improve the design of your experi- ment? Explain.

2. a. What part of digestion was modeled by breaking the tablet?

b. What part of digestion was modeled by adding vinegar?

 3. How does the size of your food affect the speed at which chemical breakdown occurs? Explain how your conclusions are based on the data collected during your experiment, and whether your hypothesis was supported or disproved.

4. Were your conclusions based on qualitative or quantitative data? Explain.

5. Besides preventing choking, why is it important to chew your food? B-22

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