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Activtiy 15 Analysis Questions

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ANALYSIS 1. What are some of the functions of the digestive system?

2. Copy the table below. Then fill in the table by placing an “X” to indicate the function(s) of each organ. The first row has been done for you. Functions of Digestive Organs Water Absorption and Organ Mechanical Chemical Nutrient Solid Waste (or Structure) Breakdown Breakdown Absorption Production Mouth X X Stomach Small intestine Pancreas Liver Large intestine

3. Imagine taking a bite of a burrito. Follow the beans in the burrito through the process of digestion. Explain what types of changes take place and where each change happens. B-28.

4. Most substances are absorbed in the small intestine and not in the stomach. Aspirin is a common exception; it is absorbed in the stomach. Some alcohol is absorbed in the stomach, but most is absorbed in the intestine. a. Why would you want medicines, like aspirin, to be absorbed in the stomach instead of the small intestine? b. What is the effect of some alcohol being absorbed in the stomach?

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